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General Conditions

The organization of the programs on this website is performed by the company DOURO CRIATIVO UNIPESSOAL LDA., With headquarters at Rua de Gadaires, Galafura, 5050-043 Peso da Régua, enrolled at C.R.C. de Vila Real, under the number 514632100, NIF no. 514632100, registered capital of 85,000.00 euros, and office at Rua Santo António, Entrance D, 4ºBS – 5000-607 Vila Real.

RNAVT 7667 Licensed Travel Agency authorized by Turismo de Portugal

Reservations are only considered effective after full payment of the total price of the program and within the established deadlines. We reserve the right not to accept a reservation whose payment has been made after the deadline previously indicated in the budget. In this case, we will refund the entire amount paid.

Reservations must be made through the Reservation Form available on the website, by Email or Phone and will only be considered effective after payment in full of the total price of the program chosen and upon receipt of our voucher.

After the payment of the budget sent, we send by email the invoice-receipt related to the purchase. If you want an invoice with NIF (Taxpayer Number), you must give us this indication at the time of booking.

You can make the payment by ATM Reference, by credit card VISA/Mastercard, Paypal or Bank Transfer. In any of the methods chosen you should always respect the payment deadline indicated in the confirmation/budget email.

Reservations made more than 72 hours in advance of the date of departure of the cruise, payment must be made within 48 hours of the reservation.

For reservations less than 72 hours before the departure date of the cruise, the customer must pay by 12 noon on the day prior to the date of departure of the cruise. In case of last-minute reservation of programs that take place on Sunday or Monday following, payment must be made until 12:00 noon on the previous Friday.

After that deadline, reservations that are not paid will automatically be canceled and, therefore, their places on board will not be secured.

After payment, we send the voucher by email to the customer to print and deliver to our cabin attendant on the day of the cruise.

Our Gift Vouchers are issued with a validity of two years, after payment, for the customer to be able to offer. When the recipient of the voucher wants to use it, just contact us and indicate the number of the voucher that was offered, in order to book the cruise for the desired date. We advise the recipient of the voucher to book the cruise in advance, so that we can secure seats on board.

Gift vouchers automatically expire after reaching two years from the date of purchase, and are not subject to any reactivation or refund.

All cruises on this site are subject to a minimum number of participants defined by the supplier. Whenever the number of participants is insufficient, the operator reserves the right to cancel the Cruise by returning to the Clients the amounts already paid, without being obliged to pay any additional compensation.

The prices are based on the costs in force at the time of publication of the programs, and may be changed up to 20 days before the start of each Cruise, if there are variations in the costs of the elements that compose them. All price changes will be communicated to the Customer who, within a period fixed by the Douro Criativo, will accept the change of prices or cancel its reservation in the terms and conditions defined in these General Conditions.

The prices shown in the programs available on this site will be reduced by 100% for children aged 3 years or less and 50% for children between the ages of 4 and 11, provided that they are properly accompanied.
The prices indicated on this site already include IVA at the corresponding rates.

DOURO CRIATIVO cannot be held responsible for any charge related to the distance traveled by the customer for the cruise, unless this service has been contracted by the company.

In this way, the expenses registered by the customer before or after the cruise there aren’t specified in the itinerary of the program, are not subject to any refund.

The distribution of tables on board is made by the characteristics of the boat, this implies the sharing of table with other passengers on board.

Meals are included in the price when described in the respective programs. If the meal is not included, this information will be properly indicated.

In the planned meals, wine and water are included, but only in the duration of the respective services. All other drinks will have to be purchased and paid directly at the boats Bar.

In programs that provide transportation by train, the trip is by regular train from CP (Comboios de Portugal) and is not an exclusive service. As the train travel is the sole responsibility of this Entity, we can not interfere in the service provided by them, nor secure all seats. The train schedules on this website are subject to any changes made by the CP.

In case there is difficulty on the part of the CP in providing the transport, the route will be carried out by bus and the clients duly informed.

Douro Criativo reserves the right to cancel any Cruise or program for:

  1. lack of a minimum number of participants;
  2. facts unrelated to their will, such as: bad weather conditions and unfavorable seaworthiness; breakdowns in navigation locks, damage or damage to the boats, unforeseen delays, among others;
  3. non-performance of third-party services, namely strikes, unavailability of accommodation and means of transportation contracted.

In the circumstances indicated in 1, 2. and 3. the Customer may choose to be refunded by the amounts already paid or accept another Cruise suggested by the Douro Criativo, with the respective price variation.

When cancellation is requested by the customer we will refund the total amount paid if the cancellation is communicated to us at least 72 hours in advance of the date of departure of the cruise. At the end of these 72 hours, the lack of attendance on the day of departure will mean the loss of the total value of the reservation, without we being required to repay the amount paid.

In the 2-day programs where accommodation is included, we may be required to charge a reservation fee if it is required by the contracted hotel unit, and even if the client notifies us within the established deadlines.

The supplier may change the itineraries of Cruises, substitute boats, means of transport and hotels provided by others of similar category and location whenever unforeseen situations occur that are beyond their control, in particular, unfavorable weather and seaworthiness, non-performance of services contracted to third parties , strikes, breakdowns in navigation locks, breakdowns, damage and delays of the boats.

It is expressly forbidden to smoke in the interior areas of the boats. Only smoking (cigar, cigarillos, cigarettes, pipe) is permitted on the outer deck. Failure to comply with these rules will result in an infraction under Law No. 37/2007 of August 14th.

On boats, pets are not allowed. Only guide dogs or other animals for personal support are allowed to remain on board and will need to be subject to specific coordination at the time of booking.

Any complaints will only be considered when made by the participants during the cruise (to our flight attendant or by calling our offices directly) and presented in writing during the 5 days after the date of service. All complaints that come to us are analyzed and duly answered.

In compliance with the law no. 144/2015, we inform that for the resolution of consumer disputes you must contact the arbitration commission of Turismo de Portugal:

The responsibility of the Douro Criativo is guaranteed by the insurance required by the Portuguese Law.


We are a travel agency and tour operator specializing in tourism in the Douro, with an emphasis on Cruises on the Douro River and Tours of the Douro. Our team, made up of young and dynamic professionals, has extensive experience in organizing trips. We combine this experience with the careful selection of our partners, guaranteeing the quality of the various services we offer.

We are honored to present one of Portugal's most acclaimed regions: the Douro. This region offers ideal conditions for a high-quality tourist experience.

Through our Cruises and Tours, our clients have the unique opportunity to discover the riches of the Douro Region, from the breathtaking landscapes to the vineyards and terraces that characterize them. In addition, we highlight exclusive activities such as wine tastings in historic Wine Estates, picturesque boat trips on the Douro River and other experiences that highlight local authenticity and culture.

We value local partnerships to further enrich our clients' experiences, providing them with access to traditional restaurants that deepen their immersion in the region's cultural richness.

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In compliance with law nº 144/2015, we inform you that for the resolution of consumer disputes, contact the arbitration commission of Turismo de Portugal

Travel Agency with License RNAVT 7667 and RNAAT 787/2020 authorized by Turismo de Portugal