Régua – Porto – Régua Cruise Downstream by Boat

Régua – Porto – Régua Cruise Downstream by Boat


Downstream by Boat to Porto and return to Régua by Train
Prices (per person)
Saturday and Sunday
May and October62€83€
June to September67€83€
Children up to 3 years oldFree
Children aged from 4 to 11 years old50% Discount

10H15 a.m - Passengers boarding at Régua Quay

Cruise departures to Oporto
Lunch served on board
Carrapatelo Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 35 meters)
Crestuma-Lever Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 14 meters)

05H30 p.m - Expected arrival at Estiva Quay (Porto)
07H00p.m - Attendance at S. Bento Train Station (Porto)
07h25 p.m - Return to Régua by train
09h15 p.m - Expected arrival at Régua
End of our services


  • Vegetables Soup
  • Roasted Pork Loin with Potato, Rice and Vegetables
  • Dessert
  • Red and White Wine from Douro, Water, Juice and Coffee
  • Note: If you have any food restriction please inform when booking.
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  • The Train Travel is made by CP Regular Train and is not an exclusive service, so the trip is the sole responsibility of CP and we are not able to secure all seats
  • Train tickets return to Régua will be delivered by our tourist guide during the cruise
  • The assistant will accompany the group to the landing in Porto (the assistant will not accompany the group to São Bento Train Station, but will give all passengers directions)
  • You can book this Cruise without the return to Régua. In this case, we will make the respective adjustment to the final price.
  • The Dams of the Douro River are closed for maintenance and due to climate conditions from December to April. For this reason, this cruise is available from May to October.
Downstream by Boat to Porto and and return to Régua by Train
Map Régua - Porto - Régua Cruise Downstream by Boat

This adventure begins in one of the most recognized places of the Douro – the Régua quay.
Breathe the pure air that the nature of Douro offers you, before leaving on this memorable trip to Porto.
Let yourself be enchanted by the surrounding landscape before enjoying a delicious lunch on board. While enjoying, take the opportunity to observe the terraces of the Douro valleys and to taste the world-renowned Douro wines.
During the journey you will pass through two Dams – the Carrapatelo Dam and the Crestuma-Lever Dam. Observe the wine landscape that surrounds you as you make the crossing.

Upon arrival in Porto, the landing will be done at Estiva quay, next to Ribeira. Enjoy the picturesque landscape and all this Douro treasure.
Then you must go to São Bento Station, one of the most beautiful stations in the world. There you can take the train that will bring you back to Régua.

Enjoy these last moments while walking along the Douro Train Line. You will see that the river Douro will always accompany you. Take pictures of your surroundings so that you always have the memory of an unforgettable day