2 Days Cruises

These are our 2 day cruises in Douro. You can choose to go up the entire Douro River or simply choose a themed 2 day cruise.

If you want to know the Douro better, enjoy our 2-day cruises.
With several diverse programs that take you to know the traditions of the region closely, our cruises give you the opportunity to admire the local beauty, experience the Douro culture and taste the delicious traditional gastronomy.
Our 2-day cruises allow you to explore the entire Douro River to Spain or to take a boat to Régua and tour the heart of the Douro.
You can enjoy a delicious lunch on board, visit wine estates and wine tasting at one of the region’s hotels.
You will have the opportunity to pass through several dams where you can observe the difference between the two sides of the river and see the strength of the waters of the river Douro.
Take 2 days to get to know all the Douro traditions, taste the local delicacies and see the vineyards where the famous Porto wines are produced, recognized all over the world.
Accept the invitation and come with us to discover the small pleasures of the Douro!