Régua – Pinhão – Régua Cruise with Lunch

Régua – Pinhão – Régua Cruise with Lunch


Upstream by Boat to Pinhão and Downstream to Régua with lunch on board
Prices (per person)
Monday to Sunday
Adults 70€
Children up to 3 years old Free
Children aged from 4 to 11 years old 50% Discount
Program for the Régua - Pinhão - Régua Cruise with Lunch:

12:00 pm – Embarkment at the Régua Quay

Beginning of the journey towards Pinhão
Appetizer served on board
Régua Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 28 meters)
Lunch served on board

03:00 pm – Arrival and disembarkment at the Pinhão Quay

Free Time

03:45 pm – Return to the boat and beginning of the journey back to Régua

Downstream of the Bagaúste Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 28 meters)

05:45 pm – Estimated Arrival at the Régua Quay
End of our services


  • The on-board assistant accompanies the group all the way
  • For logistical reasons related to the time of passage in the dams, this cruise may end before the time established in the program
  • Due to the closure of the Douro Dams for maintenance and weather conditions, this cruise takes place between the months of April and October.
Upstream by Boat to Pinhão and Downstream to Régua with Lunch on board
Régua - Pinhão - Régua Map Cruise with Lunch

Sail in the waters of the Douro on a short trip to Pinhão.
This route begins in the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region – the city of Peso da Régua. . Embark on the Régua quay and get ready to start the adventure.
While you are served an appetizer on board, look at all the Wine Estate you find between Régua and Pinhão All these produce the recognized Douro liqueurs, the world-known wines of the region.
During the trip enjoy to observe and see how much the force of the Man has shaped our Douro landscapes.
Explore the way the “socalcos” are laid out and the pattern of Douro vineyards.

It is likely to be short of breath while passing the Bagaúste Dam, with a 28-meter drop. A dam that is living proof of the strength of the waters of the river Douro.

Enjoy the rest of the trip to Pinhão. When you arrive at your destination, enjoy a small village rich in tourism.
Enjoy exploring the Pinhão, observing the way the “socalcos” are formed around you.
When you return, prepare to lose your breath again as you make your way back to Régua.
When you arrive in Régua, remember the whole journey and keep the memories of an unforgettable trip.