Pinhão – Régua

Pinhão – Régua


Downstream by boat to Régua
Prices (per person)
Monday to Sunday
Adults 27€
Children up to 3 years old Free
Children aged from 4 to 11 years old 50% Discount

The cruise Pinhão - Régua is one of our smallest and simplest routes. It allows to appreciate the surrounding landscape of the descent of the River from Pinhão to Régua. Descend the Régua Dam and enjoy a good glass of Port wine.


17:00 p.m. – Pinhão Quay *

Check in / Boarding > Departure to Régua
Cruise the Bagaúste Dam (sluice rises 28m)

18:45 p.m. – Passengers arrive and disembark at the Régua Quay
End of our services


  • * Final schedules and complementary transport, to be confirmed by our services
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Downstream by boat to Régua
Map Cruise Pinhão - Régua

The Pinhão-Régua route is one of our smaller routes, where you can enjoy your evening while observing the surrounding landscapes of the Douro.
The adventure begins at Pinhão quay, a small wine-growing village that served as a starting point for transporting the Porto wine kites through the Rabelo boats.
When the boat starts do not waste time, and enjoy to observe the landscapes as you move through the waters of the river Douro.
Recover your breath before passing through the Régua Dam, a construction completed in 1973. As you pass the sluice, admire the force that the water has as it descends to the lower platform of the dam.

Take this time to relax and see the landscapes that are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Upon landing at Régua quay, you will be in front of one of the Douro’s most recognized docks. The city is considered the “engine of the Douro” and has gained its popularity for being the first stop for boats departing from Porto.
Take in this unforgettable adventure, an experience that goes back to the Douro tradition and takes us to travel in time.